The Green Dragon Inn



established in the 13th century

The Green Dragon Inn is an Ancient Traditional North Yorkshire Dales Country Inn. Its history dates back to the 13th century and is home to the famous Hardraw Force, England's highest single drop waterfall.

Hardraw is old English for Shepherds dwelling, and the land once formed part of land owned by the Cistercian Monks, who settled here before moving to Jervaulx Abbey in lower Wensleydale. They kept a Grange at Hardraw and possibly a small chantry chapel.

In times of old the early Northern (Yorkist) Kings would rally their troops at certain known locations: ‘Meet at the banner of the Green Dragon near the waterfall’ for example. It is possible that this is where the pub's name comes from and indeed the present Inn sign depicts a green dragon and a small white rose. The public bar area perhaps dates to the fourteenth century.

A late Georgian addition forms the well-trodden hallway and entrance to the famous Falls. Situated to the right of the Inn is Bertha's Cottage which dates from the end of the 19th century and was restored in the October of 2009. It is now available to let as a 3 bedroom holiday cottage. Some of the flags of parlour floor are gravestones washed away from the neighbouring churchyard during the floods of 1889.

At the turn of the century the Green Dragon Inn and Hardraw Force were owned by Lord Wharncliffe. In 1913 the Estate was advertised for sale. It is interesting to note that this was not due to any financial hardship, but merely to pay for a son's 21st birthday party. We wonder whether he then survived the Great War.

We look forward to your stay when you' ll learn more about it!

Pat and Aislinn Matthew